Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage is highly relaxing and based on Swedish massage techniques. The massage strokes tend to be longer and more fluid, whilst shorter, smaller strokes are used to warm up the muscles and reduce any tension or ‘knots’ in the muscles and connective tissues. The massages are relaxing & with the additional focus applied to the knots, this helps to disperse any tightness in the area and encourage more localised blood flow into the muscle.

Where required by the client, Deep tissue massage is also available, which is a firmer form of massage for those who like more pressure.

All massages are tailored to the clients needs, for example, if a massage was required focusing mainly on the shoulders and neck, then more time would be spent on these areas. The treatment objectives and priorities are discussed during the consultation and for repeat clients, in advance of each treatment.

The benefits of massage:

  • Increased blood supply and circulation to the local area as the tissue is warmed up.
  • Reduced muscle tension, muscle tightness and muscle spasm.
  • Increased lymphatic flow and elimination of waste materials and toxins.
  • Reduced swelling (oedema).
  • Massage lowers blood pressure, promotes sleep and reduces any anxieties or stress.
  • Massage also brings the body back to homeostatis (balance).
  • Massage is great for relaxation, it promotes well-being and elevates mood.