Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy

Chronic Pain – Physical or emotional is a challenge in many people’s lives,

when they have come to a point where doctors have proclaimed that there is nothing more they can do except for pain management.

Pain Management has been an important and very emotionally fueled topic for a very long time.  It has been more or less successful in many cases relying on expensive drugs with side effects that only help to a certain degree.

Pain management of course is only managing the symptoms and not dealing with the root of the problem.

You might even have been told that it’s all in your head because there is nothing physically wrong with you that your doctors can find.

Having arrived at this page you probably recognise the above, you have tried many different things from pain killers to a change of diet over massages, physiotherapy, chiropractic or psychotherapy, CBT, the list of possibilities is endless and nothing has provided permanent help.

There is hope for you though, because this is where Rapid Pain Elimination comes in:
This cutting edge method is indeed rapid and straight forward and can relieve you from your longstanding aches and pains and emotional blockages and patterns that hold you back fast and permanently.

How does this work?
1. It’s not intrusive.
2. It’s a mind approach as it’s making use of the mind’s ability to remember and learn.
3. It’s not strictly speaking hypnosis as no induction into trance is involved.
4. It uses NLP techniques.
5. It can take half an hour or 2 to even 3 hours depending on how fast your brain processes.
6. It works whether you believe it or not.
7. I try to eliminate all pain in one session. You might find though that there are other things,fears, reactions that you want to rid yourself from later on that we have not been as much an issue as the pain that you came for in the first session.
8. 95% of the clients have no pain anymore after the session – for the other 5% we can regulate the pain down.

Rapid Pain Elimination is a new already internationally acclaimed method that can help fast and pain free. Martin Rothery of Future House Therapies who is the founder of this method is currently in negotiation with the NHS for it to be accepted by NICE.

I am an affiliate of Future House Therapies and offer treatment from my therapy room in Stroud. If you can’t get there I am happy to travel short distances or I can see you via Zoom.

Martin Rothery of Future House Therapies.

Hopeful progress:
Martin Rothery is currently in negotiation with the NHS for it to be accepted by NICE. He has been offered 15h per week in an NHS Doctor’s surgery local to him to use this method.

The method is so successful that I decided to qualify as a trainer for the German speaking market – this involves Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein etc. More about this is coming soon.